Tuesday Poem by Dami Ajayi

by Dami Ajayi


Our man’s head is not into cannabinoid clouds,
he loves to issue plumes of nicotine smoke
in the gathering of his peers where
the ghosts of Eco, Joyce & Fanon skype
with Chomsky & Zizek;

good time girl on his right side,
eyes fix on the svelte Caucasian to his left
Post-Doctoral, her thesis’s title is
a breath of words: semiotics,
African poetry and feminism in
140 characters.

Sly fox,
seamless exchange of complimentary
cards happens somewhere
between a spilled drink mishap
& a long paean on Heaney,
good time girl snap-chatting.

Mute black coffee mornings,
moody intellectual afternoons,
golden lager evenings,
our man prefers the nocturnal company
of Shakespeare to the warmth of any living thing