Tuesday Poem by Moyosore Orimoloye

by Dami Ajayi

Exchange by the River Ose
Tell me, man like Oedipus,
what you saw in your innermost chamber,
where you, hunter, retreated into-
like a deer pursued.
Graft of the unshifting Iroko,
reification of inertia,
what moved you to pluck out your own light ?
 Ojuola’s lifeless body bore my face.
I feared a lifetime of looking into water,
and seeing my mother’s face contorted in orgasm
or worse-
the birth of my own children.
But tell me, Kurunmi,
man named in retrospect,
Did you go to Iwawun as warrior or farmer?
Kurunmi, why did you take five of your seeds to be planted in blood?
Moyosore is an award-winning poet.