Tuesday Poem Special by Toni Kan

by Dami Ajayi

This is not a Love Poem

Hush, I want to hear Wana-Wana, I say
Who is Wana-Wana, you say
And I see clearly that your world
And my world are worlds apart
No matter how many times we kiss
Or lie entwined like snakes
We will forever be apart
Because there is so much to learn
When you are not blinded by an erection

Is this a sub?
Sometimes a sub is much more than a sub
It is a shade and the fucking truth all rolled in one
And sometimes 140 characters
Are just too little, too puny to capture it all
The sheer circumference, the Yoruba-yashness of it all

Once, a long time ago, your Instagram posts made me laugh
But they lasted as long as a snapchat, interred now in the ether
Do you know the ether; Sir Eliot stuck in Wasteland?
Will your nubile body stand like a boulder between me
And the marauding army of approaching years?
Will our passion still burn, incandescent when I reach for the blue pills
Each time my man wants to stand at attention?

You say boo, and I jump, because no matter how long we kiss
Your language remains a barbarian’s babble like text-speak
I cannot LOL like you do or OMG like your friends
When they heard I was 45 and you just 20
If I had said fuck you to Gold Circle in 91
You, my dear one, could be calling me daddy
This is not a sub; this is just my own way of saying it is over
Because your world and my world are worlds apart.